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Partner With Us in This Mission

We view any form of support we receive to be in the context of partnership and fellowship in the gospel. What this means is that there should be genuine gospel benefit to both parties. As you consider supporting us as we go to Martinsville, please know that our intention is to build an ongoing relationship with you, and to be an encouragement to you in your faith and your life as a missionary in your context.

If you will agree to commit to supporting the mission in Martinsville through prayer, we will send you regular email updates, prayer requests, testimonies of how God is at work, and devotionals; inform you of urgent prayer requests; and commit to pray for you, your family, your church, and your call to live out the gospel in your context.

We are also praying for God to lead local churches (and individuals) to partner with us financially through ongoing monthly contributions. For those of you whom God leads to become financial partners in this mission, we will also schedule times to visit with you via Skype; provide regular financial / stewardship reports; and visit with your church in person once a year.

We are asking God to provide $3000 a month during our initial cultivation phase from January through June of 2015. This is the initial phase of our process, during which we will be focused on building partnerships with other churches and cultivating the core group in preparation for the transition to Martinsville. The support we raise during this time will allow Rob to focus a substantial portion of his time and energy each week on these vital tasks.

Please pray that God will lead you in this matter - we are praying for gospel partners to join with us in the mission of reaching the people of Martinsville and Henry County, and equipping them to join with us in the process of becoming mature and ministering worshippers of God. Thank you for taking the time to read, consider, and pray!

Rob and Rich

Partner With Us Financially

All contributions are fully tax deductible. Click HERE for more information about how to become a financial partner.

Financial Support Raised So Far (Monthly) For Initial Cultivation Phase

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